Meet Deena

Deena is a Principal Strategic Consultant who, with more than 12 years of hands-on experience in advocate marketing and customer engagement, is often referred to as a world-leading expert and pioneer in advocate marketing theory and practice.

Deena is a former journalist (Bachelor of Applied Journalism, Hons. 2003) and academic (MA Comms, 2007) who spent several years researching one of the cornerstones of advocate marketing: social capital theory.

Her guiding professional principle is to make leading-edge marketing philosophies and practices accessible and actionable for the everyday marketer. 

She brings an exceptional breadth and depth of expertise and experience to Compass CX as founder and principal strategic consultant.

Deena is a well-known, sought-after strategic partner in advocate marketing. I’ve been in brainstorming sessions with her and a student in her master classes. She is creative, knowledgeable and experienced - she always brings fresh ideas to the discussion.

Deena also has a unique ability to draw out innovative ideas from everyone in the room and guide each of us to a clear path of execution and ROI.

Quite literally, every time we had a strategy discussion when building the InsidersNetwork at Staples Business Advantage, I asked ‘can Deena come to the meeting?’. She could always guide us to reach new levels of success. I can’t wait to work with her again!
— Mary-Leslie Davis, GE Digital, Staples Business Advantage
Not only is Deena an expert in her field, she’s an exceptional human being. Great things happen when people connect to their purpose and it’s reflected in her work and how she treats clients. Her expert knowledge and framework for delivering exceptional customer experiences is bar none.
— Rebecca Jukoski, SalesForce, SugarCRM
Deena is the Guru. She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever encountered - it’s not just her infectious personality, but her relentless passion for customer experience and advocate marketing that make her an invaluable resource in our arsenal. Besides that, she’s absolute pleasure to work with and learn from.
— Kim Leeds, Oracle

deena's PAST CLIENTS include: